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    Rockefeller starts fluoridating water

    No correlation was found between the level of fluoride in water and dental caries. 7,8,9,10&11 There appears to be a genetically related increase in tooth decay for Hispanics, Indians, Native Americans and Asians. This is of course a BLATANT LIE with the GMO ingredient ‘Aspartame’ to name but one, a widespread ingredient in so called ‘sugar free’ products and virtually every child’s soft drink. So what’s the link between Gormley, fluoride, GMO and Rockefeller?

    Decay is related to the educational and economic level of the parents. 12,13&14 • Fluoride Is Unapproved By FDA The FDA considers fluoride an unapproved new drug for which there is no proof of safety or effectiveness. This product has been shown to cause amongst other health problems, BRAIN TUMOURS! Well, Gormley went to the same Freiberg University in Soviet East Germany where fluoride was known to be dangerous as far back as 1885 and where GMO rice was pioneered by the Rockefeller family, who are notoriously infamous for their EUGENICS credentials.

    They also reported that a review of all the animal studies done to date shows that fluoride adversely affects fertility in most animal species. 6 • Fluoride Increases Fluorosis Opaque white spots and brown ugly teeth caused by fluoride is called Fluorosis. and Dean Burk, “Fluoridation and Cancer: Age Dependence of Cancer Mortality Related to Artificial Fluoridation,” Fluoride, Vol. Hip Fracture rates related to Fluoridated water Journal of the American Medical Association 264(4):500-502 1990 5. One has to ask the question, how can someone who appears to be an ardent capitalist get a Soviet University, famous for producing Nazis and Communists by the way, to undertake research?

    Fluorosis currently affects one out of five or more children in this nation although it is rarely seen in California. An Epidemiological Report on Drinking Water Fluoridation and Osteosarcoma in Young Males New Jersey Department of Health, Environmental Health Service, Trenton NJ November 8, 1992 3. Was he perhaps trying to hide what he was doing on the other side of the ‘Iron Curtain’?

    California is the least fluoridated state with less than 16% of the population drinking artificially fluoridated water. Another link to Freiberg, this time including John Gormley, who remember is an ardent opponent of fluoridation, which he states openly, causes cancer.

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    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientists reported a close correlation between decreasing total fertility rates in women between ages of 10 and 49, and increasing fluoride levels. This was in 1987 when East Germany was still under Soviet control.

    A significant milestone in the fight against fluoride emerged quietly and without major notice from the mainstream news last week.

    After decades of ignoring the research about the dangers and hailing water fluoridation as one of the 10 greatest health achievements of the 20th Century (CDC), the government is calling for a reduction in the amount of fluoride it adds to public water supplies, citing its negative effect on teeth (dental fluorosis).

    Citing high costs that continually raise water prices for local customers, the Board of Aldermen in Buffalo, Missouri, a small town just north of Springfield, recently made the decision to stop fluoridating the public water supply.

    Members of the board explained that transporting fluoride chemicals is damaging city equipment and trucks, not to mention water pipes that corrode as a result of fluoride exposure.

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